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Note: All websites are in client control and are no longer maintained by me unless stated otherwise.

Personal Site

This personal site is a project implemented as a true continuation of my original SIUE student site. It has gone through a few iterations and came to know its place on, then until I purchased The 2013-2019 version of the site was made up of pure HTML from scratch, though it did exist in NodeJS (hosted from home) for a few months in 2017.

As of September 2019, the site utilized markdown mixed with HTML, all hosted on GitHub’s Pages. The content is composed in markdown due to markdown being much faster than typing up static html. The content is then managed via a build script file. The script would merge all markdown files with page templates, allowing as little work as possible in creating a static site. The resulting markdown files were composed into static HTML pages and deployed to GitHub where GitHub pages would do the rest of the hosting magic.

Publii Example Site

Publii Test Site

An example site built entirely in Publii. The entire site, even with scripting, is done within the confines of “vanilli” Publii. There is a bit of custom CSS and JavaScript here or there, as I had to write a basic form and fix the installed theme.

I integrated a custom form into the site’s aside. The form utilized PostMail to send an email notification when an individual wanted to register for a newsletter. This is a bit hacky and a bit manual, but is the only option for a statically-hosted site.

The site is an example of how one can create a static website using a CMS workflow similar to Wordpress. It is a hack-together that showcases the best examples of content management as well as administrative skills to have a user-friendly way to hook up a freely hosted website.

You can access the latest version of the site here or you can look at the github page (which is really pointless as it’s managed by Publii):

SIMS: SIUE Fake Nursing Charts

Sims Chart

A fake charting system implemented in Wordpress, maintained during my time at SIUE. The initial design was to be a system built from scratch or existing FLOSS EMR/EHR systems. Administration desired a Wordpress-based solution because they were sold during a conference talk about using Wordpress for personal hosting. I had to work within constraints but was able to extend Wordpress to meet simulation needs.

The site is integrated with SIUE’s Central Authentication Server, allowing access only with a proper university-issued username and password. Most content is created like a regular Wordpress site though there is a custom navigation element added to each page. The layout poorly attempts to mimic Epic but in a simpler and reduced design. The system was modified to be more easily customized and focuses on all fake patients from a single-page-app perspective.

The goal is to further extend the system so it can be integrated with our LLEAP simulation software. The integration will allow automated changing of patient records during sim. An action in LLEAP will trigger a change in the MAR or the Lab results during sims for a more immersive experience. The system is also planned to allow student practice during lab time, which will routinely empty all submissions within a given period.

Monada Software

A simple website built from scratch over the course of a few days as an exercise in simpler design. It was the official website of my small business, Monada Software. However, to keep things up-to-date with my current priorities, I have since decided to do more freelance work and have ceased official business as Monada Software. I still do most of what I have listed as my business’ services but do it under a simpler, one-time, freelance model.

Building Student Writers

A custom Wordpress site hosted on my servers when I provided web hosting through my web-design business, Monada. There was nothing overly spectacular, just a simple Wordpress site that implemented a custom CSS theme. After an extended grace period of late payments the site was shut down.

JB’s Smartphone Repair

A customized weebly site that was made under my personal web-design business: Monada Software (formerly Quantum Develop). It was customized on the PHP level to better control functionality of the site and was made to be easily maintained by the client. I established the artistic direction of the initial site in 2017 and helped them easily integrate an existing form (in an iframe) into the website. I also helped with DNS redirection to ensure that the website would transfer from the original GoogleSites page to the Weebly site.

Fieldon Baptist Church

A dynamic website that was primarily for content display. The website was built with responsive design as a core approach from the onset. It was written from the ground up to be more scalable and fit more closely with the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural style. It was the first major PHP-based website that I had developed.

FREUD Engine

A project created by an instructor from SIUE, FREUD was an engine that was part of an applocation named FIRST. The project was a web-based solution that dealt with quotes and insurance for weather damaging and repairs. I contributed to display logic and improving the UX design. The FREUD/FIRST system was an internal project rather than a public site/system.

Home of the Hat

One of many senior projects for SIUE. The website acted as a display portal for all of my university work from development projects, artworks, music, and even a personal resume. Home of the Hat has since been reimagined into two separate websites. One is now more of an online resume showcasing professional work, while the other is a project website for graphic design, open source, and other miscellaneous projects.

In late 2018 SIUE had changed the network configuration that ended up scrapping all of the legacy sites on the old server. They established a new setup since then so the original site has been lost.