Joshua Spann

A Home to Rest Your Hat!

An Evolving & Experimental Software Developer

I’ve worked on a variety of software projects for personal, professional, and public projects! I’ve done volunteer and professional website work utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. Currently I’m focusing on creating new concepts in computing and improving my skills by becoming more responsive and adaptive with my designs, looking to make them more automated and less bloated! Optimization is a must and I’m constantly working towards self-improvement with my designs!

Need Great Code?

I, Joshua Spann, am an IT Specialist and Graphic Designer that understands the importance of marriage between technology and beauty! I always do my best and provide real solutions to real problems. I find a need and work to fill it. Even when it’s not the greatest, it’s always a learning opportunity! I strive to write robust code that’s clean and easy to read. Software is about more than just performance: it’s about freedom, expression, and experimentation! It’s not as hard as folks make it out to be! If you can solve a basic problem like why there’s a puddle on your bathroom floor, you can code!

Like Music?

I’m a musician at heart, and have been composing since 2008. I write original songs and music that cover a wide range of styles and genres! I make it a point to play mistakes and find ways to make them shine, no auto-tuning or studio tricks, just soundscaping and experimentation! Heck, my music has a backstory that’s more like an epic and is a driver of creativity for me to keep me going! I have also performed live at a variety of venues during my leisure time and never want to stop playing music! Recently I’ve had a change of heart, and all my new music (2020 onward) will be released with a creative commons license. Music should be free to consume and enjoy without paywalls or adwalls!

Have a Heart for Art?

Software development and music are just the tips of the iceburg, as I am an artist at my core! It takes artistic abilities to design software and write music. Naturally, I expand my skills into the areas of graphic design, photography, and typography! The most important thing is that my artwork is done soley for the sake of being creative and having fun. Artists today waste time trying to make a statement about politics, culture, religion, and ideology. They’ve forgotten that art’s about having fun, not being a social commentary! Thus, there’s no deep purpose or meaning to my art other than I have fun making it. I hope you have fun enjoying it!