Joshua Spann

The Ideal Web Setup for Cheapskates

Cheapskate Web Resources

Sep 19, 2019

Okay, that tears it. You’re broke and a cheapskate. Too much money spent on memes. You’re behind on the rent. You parents live with you, sure, but they don’t contribute or add income. You needs the greens, but without the golf. You’re life is like Caddyshack.

Time to get a website out there to show off your art skills in college. Maybe your hacking degree in university. Wait, a bare-minimum DOS server is how many double 0’s a month?! A Raspberry Pi 0w is $10USD, why is a hosting plan with no insurance or encryption double the cost for half the resources?! Can you host it yourself? Sure, if you’re fine with life being a joke and death the punchline when your internet goes down because “power bills”. Nevermind, time to work at the taco ball down the street for 50% under minimum wage. You can do that there above, or you could do…


First off, download Publii. Yay, more Megs and less storage, another burden to bear. Install it. Next off, don’t open it, get a GitHub. Wait, you have one? No wonder you’re cheap by circumstance, all that open-source work and no patrons!

Create a repo with a README, name it “your account name dot github dot io”: Great, now open Publii. Add a new site. Once loaded go to the Server settings main menu option. Do something like this where mii is YOUR username. You’ll probably need to get a token, Publii has a guide on that!

Server Settings Screen

Cool, you actually managed to follow outdated guides and it works. Save it. Now make some pages. Sync your changes. Boom, free website!

Optional, for the Less-Thrifty Cheapskates

Time goes on, you have some cash. Go get a domain name (I recommend NameSilo). Run some voodoo on your git repo settings and forward all DNS requests to GitHub’s servers using their guide. Then add it to your repo. Yay, the cheapest hosting option available. Yeah, you can do GitLab and other sites, but GitHub just makes you look so professional…